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Best Online Shopping Stores Websites

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Best Online Shopping Stores Websites

When you buy a product or a service over the internet, instead of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store, it is called online shopping. Globally, an increasing number of people are buying over the Internet because it is more convenient. This year, holiday shopping for Christmas and New Year is estimated to be over $20 billion.



1. Front Row Shop
Fun and on-trend, Front Row Shop is for women who like to wear sneakers with their sequin dresses.
2. Stylekeepers
Pretty much everything at the e-boutique is under $100, and while the quality isn’t amazing, the designs are super cute.
3. Cameo
Aussie brand, Cameo, does a killer job at designing party-ready looks for around the $200 mark. New collections drop monthly, so there’s always something fresh to lust after.
4. Nasty Gal
If you’re a fan of fun, offbeat, affordable fashion, and you haven’t hit up Nasty Gal yet, what are you waiting for? The brand started as an eBay store selling vintage, but now it’s an ecommerce powerhouse stocking vintage-inspired, new and old threads.
5. Modern Citizen
Head here for the kind of minimalist, neutral-toned, no-fuss fashion that forms the foundation of any good wardrobe. The accessories offering isn’t huge, but what they do have looks much more expensive than it really is–which is exactly what we like in a handbag.
6. ModCloth
Visit ModCloth to find indie, vintage, and retro-inspired looks.
7. Louun
Head here for great jewelry plated with gold and silver, and price tags under $20. Still looking for a secret santa or kris kringle gift? Step this way.
8. Keepsake
If anyone knows how to do a flattering, but still fashion-forward party dresses, it’s Australian fashion brand, Keepsake.
9. Minkpink
Fast fashion label Minkpink is gaining a good reputation for their cute ‘n’ cheap clothes, but make sure you also checkout their sunglasses collection before leaving the website.
10. Stylenanda
Click over to Stylenanda for statement accessories under $40, crop tops, breezy dresses, and inexpensive items that will add personality to your look next Spring.
11. Dorothy Perkins
The Dorothy Perkins woman doesn’t like anything too overtly trendy–she prefers pretty pieces in classic shapes that will look feminine and last more than a season. Shop here for easy-to-wear shapes and office or casual staples–if you sift through the virtual store, you’ll also find the odd cocktail dress.
12. ASOS
ASOS stocks a whole bunch of labels, but it’s perhaps the store’s own house brands that are our favorites. You can browse ASOS, ASOS Curve, and ASOS Petite any season, and know you’re going to find what you’re looking for. A flexible returns policy allows you to send back anything you don’t want after 28 days, which makes shopping online here pretty risk-free.
13. Zady
Shop here to create a wardrobe that easily mixes and matches. Cute sweaters, classic tees, and crisp shirts are what makes this store appealing. Plus, the free shipping and free returns on all orders doesn’t hurt.
14. Forever21
If there’s a trend you’re loving, but know will date by next season, step into this fashion chain–they’re bound to be carrying the look you’re after at a price you won’t be scared to pay.


What can I buy online?

You can purchase almost anything online — starting with groceries and greeting cards to cell phones and ringtones for the cell phones, everything can be purchased online. While most people still find it convenient to buy their groceries from the neighbourhood shop, many people are purchasing rail and air tickets over the Internet. In addition, people and corporates as well, are also purchasing a variety of services online — such as a broking service or job search service.



How did online shopping start?

Online shopping became popular during the Internet boom in 1999-2000., the online bookstore founded by Jeff Bezos, created history by becoming the first bookstore with a presence only on the Internet. Following the success of Amazon, many bookstores with a physical presence also created an online presence on the Internet. Later, portals such as and also started online shopping channels where people could buy more than just books. Closer home, portals such as and came up with similar options for the Indian consumer.



What are the advantages of shopping online?

It is convenient, faster and sometimes also cheaper. For instance, rather than standing in a long queue and waiting for your turn to purchase a ticket, people are finding it simpler to log on to a website and buy it. In some instances, you may have to pay a premium for an online purchase but it is still preferred because the convenience factor is higher.

For instance, if you want to buy movie tickets online you may have to shell out a small premium over the actual price of the ticket but because of its convenience, people are opting for it.Buying or placing an order online is also useful when you need to send a gift to a friend who is staying in a different city or country. For instance, you can order flowers to your friend in New York on her birthday by placing an order for it on the Internet from your home in Mumbai.




What is most popular category for online purchases?

Travel is the most popular category for online purchases. Not surprisingly, the maximum number of online transactions in the country is made at, the site of the Indian Railways, where train tickets can be purchased online. Air tickets are also a growing category in online purchases.

People can go to the airline’s website and book their ticket or go to the online equivalent of a travel agent, travel sites like and that offer a choice of multiple airlines and the best deals in each.Overseas,, is one of the most popular travel sites, where you can book your travel and hotel stay. has tie-ups with a large number of hotel chains and because of the large number of customers who come to the site for their bookings, is able to offer very good discounts.




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